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na procura da essência, encontra pelo caminho uma especiaria

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If you are thinking of visiting Lisbon, June is the month!

Lisbon is ready for the big party - Festas de Lisboa! Street entertainment & grilled sardines. All over the city!

Every year, during the month of June, the city of Lisboa celebrates the day of its patron saint, St. Anthony, and hosts a diverse program that combines traditional and folk events, with other more recent and eclectic ones.

June 1 to 30, street entertainment, concerts and shows, folk festivals are held throughout the city. In Lisboa’s historic neighborhoods, as tradition dictates, grilled sardines, “caldo verde” kale soup, bread with sausage, basil, beer, red wine, great music and entertainment are all in plentiful supply.

The city’s most iconic neighbourhoods such as Alfama, Bica and Bairro Alto, follow the age old tradition of partying and sardines on the night of June 12 to 13, with the festivities extending for several days. Avenida da Liberdade hosts the festival’s main event, where various of the city’s neighbourhoods are represented in a competition for the best parade.

The Festivities also feature diverse themes and subjects, including Literature, Science and Sports, Theatre, Music, Film and Visual Arts.

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And have some videos too! Festas de Lisboa ‘09 | Festas de Lisboa ‘10 | Popular feasts in Lisbon

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